23 Things We Learned From NFL Week 8

1. The Jets are worse than we all thought (is that possible?)

2. So are the Rams

3. And the Raiders

4. Andy Dalton can be a clutch QB – sometimes – in 1 game anyway

5. The Patriots are on fire!

6. The Bears are not

7. Celebrations are bad, they can end seasons and keep you from scoring points.

8. Unknown transgression + pissed off coach = an 8 hour plane ride home (before the game) and a 2 week suspension

9. It is possible to throw 3 INTs in less than a quarter

10. It’s also possible to turn the ball over a total of 6 times and 5 of those coming from your starting and backup QBs

11.Selfie Taking QB + phenomenal DE who takes his job seriously = selfie sack dance

12. At 4-3 Manziel is still not the answer in Cleveland

13. Colt McCoy can get it done!

14. When Tony Wyllie says no, he definitely means it – “No means NO!!”

15. Jerry Jones talks too much

16. The Cardinals may in fact be the real deal

17. The Panthers know how to squander opportunities

18. Roethlisberger set the bar pretty high for his next game, no pressure or anything

19. The Ravens need a new strategy on the goal line

20. Steve Smith needs to learn to catch the ball without committing offensive pass interference

21. If a QB falls down in the end zone, he should give it to the RB and not try to throw it

22. The Saints might be back

23. Maybe R-E-L-A-X was the wrong word for Rodgers to use. Maybe he should use W-I-N or S-C-O-R-E

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