Keep Calm and Husky On

Washington traveled to Boulder, CO on Saturday and came out with a win against the Buffaloes. You’ll hear people say “It was only Colorado,” but you know what? It was a road win against a conference opponent and it was a win the Huskies should be proud of.

The Huskies were down by 3 at halftime, but the 2nd half proved to be successful for the Dawgs as the defense only allowed the Buffaloes a field goal and the Husky offense scored 21 points. This team is proving time and time again why they’re going to be a force in the years to come.

Does the team have things to work on? Sure they do, just like all teams do, but this team is doing pretty exceptional considering the upheaval a new coach brings. Shaq Thompson has been moved to running back for the time being with the majority of the starting backs being injured at the moment. You’d think that because Thompson isn’t playing his usual role at linebacker that the defense would suffer. Instead, credit to coaching and the other players on defense for the Huskies having an interception, 3 fumble recoveries, and 3 sacks.

Let’s just be honest and get it out in the open. People expected more out of the Huskies because of who Petersen is. His coaching successes are obviously well known. People expected Petersen to come in and turn the program into a success overnight but that’s a lot to ask of anybody. People need to calm down about the 2 losses in a row. The losses were to quality programs, one of which didn’t beat Washington that bad. So like I’ve said time and again – just wait PAC-12. You’ll all see in the coming seasons that Washington’s success is coming and here to stay for a while. I leave with this quote by Petersen that sums everything up quite nicely.

“If we stay focused, if we stay energized, if we keep working, we’ll get better.”

So Washington fans, Keep Calm and Husky On.

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