22 Things We Learned From NFL Week 9

1. The Saints are probably back.

2. The Cardinals are the real deal.

3. The Cowboys may not be.

4. Raiders can score more points than the Chargers.

5. Jets are on to their 3rd string QB, but will keep the coach that got them to 1-8. How does that work?!?

6. The Steelers are back.

7. The 49ers are not.

8. The Pats are still on fire.

9. Coverage of the Manning/Brady “rivalry” is obnoxious.

10. Oh and it’s not a rivalry!

11. Somebody should put the poor Raiders out of their misery.

12. The Bucs too.

13. And the Jags.

14. And surely the Jets.

15. Gronk may or may not be human.

16. Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em is stupid, don’t listen to it!

17. If you can’t call a game fairly without broadcasting your favoritism to the whole wide world, then you should     BROADCAST A DIFFERENT GAME!

18. Cowboys fans went from “loud and proud” to “I’m still loyal”. What’s next?

19. Mainstream media are all sheep. Sheep!

20. Brady’s downslide this year allowed him to pass John Elway to take 5th place on the NFL’s career passing yardage list. Oh ya Brady sucks alright.

21. Buffalo Bills are the best football team in NY.

22. Andrew Luck is proving week after week why he was the #1 overall draft pick in 2012.

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