Oregon Moves in Front of Bama in the CFP Rankings

As predicted, things are already starting to heat up and mix up in the College Playoff Rankings.  Last night we watched as the Ole Miss Rebels fell from glory to 11th place after the brutal beating they took from Auburn this past weekend.  Speaking of Auburn, they are the highest ranked of the 12 one loss teams in the rankings.  Auburn clearly is not going anywhere, holding onto that the number three spot.

While things got pretty muddy in Mississippi for the Rebels, the Mississippi State Bulldogs held on to their number one spot by beating the Arkansas Razorbacks in their 17-10 victory on Saturday.

Rounding out the top five and probably the most interesting part of the announcement was Oregon’s rise to the number four spot…in front of Bama.  Alabama did move up one from number six to number 5, but that left many fans wondering how Oregon took such a big leap over Alabama.  No sense crying over spilled milk Bama fans, the team was off last week and to be honest, Oregon has been working their butts off to move up.

There are still games left to be played and since the remaining schedule has some of these top 5 giants playing against each other, things will definitely start to shift.

We here at gridirongirl would love nothing more than to see a much anticipated match-up of the Crimson Tide versus the Ducks and while I am still not sure if I like this playoff system yet, if the football Gods wanted to make that happen, they will probably get a few Hail Mary’s from us!

Roll Tide!

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