6 Major Factors Bama Fans Must Pay Attention to During Alabama vs. LSU

The Alabama Boys are traveling to Death Valley this weekend to take on the LSU Tigers.  Two of the heavy hitters in the SEC West, this is going to be a game that no one is going to want to miss!

6. Major factors going into the match up this weekend:

  1. Blake Sims – He MUST step up and be a leader and stay consistent. There will be no time for him to waffle back and forth because LSU and Les Miles will take full advantage of any missteps.
  2. Nick Saban – At one time he was the head coach at LSU and he led that team to a BCS National Championship. However, he then left and went to the Pros.  Luckily for Bama, he came back to college and the Crimson Tide were lucky enough to snag him.
  3. Amari Cooper – We are going to need those steady hands this weekend my friend!
  4. Derrick Henry – You must run like the wind, every, single, time. Yeldon, that means you too!
  5. The Alabama Defense – A defense that has always put points on the board in the past will need to step up and do that this game.
  6. Les Miles – Never liked him, never will. Obviously he is a good coach, it’s just that weird monkey with the symbols clapping that he does that is really disturbing.

All eyes are focused on this game and how it could possibly shake up that ever changing College Football Playoff system.  At this point, every game, every play, every second counts!

Roll Tide!

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