7 LSU Hurdles to Reaching the SEC Championship

LSU has struggled, yes. But despite some rocky moments, the Tigers have found their way to the top of the pile more times than not this season and in order to find themselves at the very top there are only 7 things that stand between the Tiger’s ultimate upset.

1. LSU needs to beat Alabama on November 8th, 2014.  Even if the score is 14-13, the tigers need to win.

2. LSU then needs to go on to beat Arkansas, again, another tough but not impossible feat.

3. LSU needs to put down the turkey legs and take on Texas A&M on Thanksgiving in College Station. Sure, this is another game the Tigers will need to put 200% efforts into but I’m not wrong when I say that special teams can win games.

4. Even if all of that happens, LSU still needs Alabama to beat Mississippi State. This is one of those times in football when teams start to count on their rivals to get ahead.

5. Ole Miss will then also need to beat Mississippi State, because LSU would much rather face off with Ole Miss than Mississippi State again, right?

6. If Alabama beats Miss. State and Ole Miss beats Miss. State Alabama still needs to beat Auburn, the rivalries are real ladies and gentlemen.

7. Lastly LSU would need Auburn to lose at least one other game, either to the A&M Aggies or to the UGA bulldogs. Either way, Auburn would then have too many losses to stay in the race and would ultimately give up their spot to the Tigers we know and love, the LSU Tigers.

So the Tigers may have a long list of things to get done, and some aren’t even in their control, but for all of you who doubted them and more importantly for those who didn’t, here’s the shot the tigers need to take it to the top.

Geaux Tigers!

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