Chris Petersen’s ‘Harsh’ Discipline is the Right Call

Husky fans have probably heard by now that Marcus Peters, a cornerback and possible 1st round draft pick, has been dismissed from the team. Peters has had problems with the coaching staff this year and was even suspended a game after he committed a personal foul and then threw a tantrum on the sideline.

“These are not decisions that are taken lightly,” Petersen said. “We have high standards for players in our program and they are held accountable when those standards are not met. I wish Marcus the best in the completion of his education and in achieving his football goals.”

Peters isn’t the first player to be dismissed or suspended since Petersen took over. In fact, the Seattle Times reported that Peters is the 4th player to be kicked off since Petersen took the helm of the Huskies.

Some people are probably thinking Petersen is harsh and unreasonable. They’re probably thinking that Peters has solid talent that the team needs at corner. I disagree. Petersen is keeping these kids in line at an age where making smart decisions and planning for life isn’t often at the forefront of their minds. I said in an earlier post this season that “Petersen doesn’t just want a successful football team, he wants a successful football team with individuals who are successful off the field as well. In order for that to happen they need discipline, ethics, and a solid example of someone who has achieved that”. That is all still true.

Keeping a player on the team just because of their athletic talent isn’t “good enough.” Call me old fashioned but I want the Huskies to be a football team that is great. I want them to be a team that fans are proud of. Not just because of their win-loss record but because the character of this group of men is outstanding. That’s what Petersen is trying to accomplish in Seattle.

Look at all of the problems at these other schools. These schools, they-who-shall-not-be-named, are in the press all the time. Sure, their win-loss records are better than Washington’s, but the tarnish and mud that accompanies their program isn’t going to go away anytime soon. I don’t want a coach that doesn’t care if their players are shaving points, accepting money, yelling obscenities, and being vulgar. I don’t want a coach that doesn’t care about the integrity and character of his players. Wins, losses, and the glory of the championships fade, but character and integrity and honesty are what will get you through life.

Let him do his job Husky nation and trust that this coach knows what he’s doing. Trust that what he’s doing is trying to build a long-term successful program.

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