Alabama Hate Week Seeps into the NFL

Former LSU and Bama players who currently play in the NFL haven’t skipped LSU and Bama hate week activities this year, repping their alma mater’s in the big leagues and showing their dedication. Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson, both former Tigers, took a stand and posted images on social media making quite the Tiger statement. Peterson posted a photo of his interception against Alabama that was ruled incomplete stating:

“It’s Alabama week. NEVER FORGET! Out of bounds huh? SMDH. #BeatBama #geauxtigers”

Mathieu took a page from his former and current teammate posting a photo of himself against the Crimson tide saying:

“BAMA WEEK! #BeatBama #DeathValley #LSUforever”

But these are not the only former Tigers who believe LSU has what it takes to finally get revenge against Alabama. Former Bayou Bengal and current Philadelphia Eagle, Bennie Logan, hung a pair of LSU cleats above his current teammate, former Bama boy, Evan Mathis’ locker. Of course at this point Bama’s own Mathis took action leaving a hat, a CRIMSON hat none the less, in Logan’s locker. Of course this was followed by tossing Logan’s LSU cleats into a garbage can easily in Logan’s view.

In the midst of all the rivalry the head coach of the Rolling Tide, Nick Saban, had quite a bit to say about returning to LSU where he once led the team to a great number of wins before taking his career to the pros then returning to the SEC and began coaching at Alabama. Saban told reporters that the match up between his Tide and the Tigers is almost always the most physical game of the season. Surely that intensity is based on the passion for rivalry the guys all have in common. Saban went on to say,

“They have an excellent running game, very good offensive line, very good running backs. Their defense has been outstanding.”

I believe I speak for all Tigers fans when I say “is that the best you could come up with, coach?” Reusing the word “very” twice in one statement, real creative. I remember my first press conference. But then again, that wasn’t all that Saban had to say, and eventually it started to get good…

One of the most difficult teams to score on No. 1 pass efficiency defense in the country. They’re always ball-hawking, create a lot of turnovers. Ball security is always an issue when we play against these guys.”

There we go Saban, there we go. Far more accurate statements meant more as compliments than anything. But the part of his speech that really stood out for me was his remark about how “outstanding” LSU is on special teams. And if you know me at all you know that special teams holds a special place in my heart (read why here) but is also one of the main reasons a few professionals are choosing LSU to win 14-13- because their special teams will out perform Bama’s. That coupled with the defense that Saban also, coincidentally, labeled “outstanding” gives the fighting Tigers a fighting chance at a win against the team that has more than embarrassed them in the past few years.

Les Miles and his Tigers have an opportunity to make it happen, now it’s up to them to follow through.

Geaux tigers and happy #BamaHateWeek.

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