How Washington Can Beat 18th Ranked UCLA

The Huskies have a tough game against UCLA on Saturday. The good news is that it’s a home game and the Huskies are coming off of a road win against Colorado.

This is going to be a hard, but not impossible, game to win. One of the keys to this win is to start out strong. Too many times this year the Huskies have relied on 2nd half comebacks to come away with the win. That works against the weaker teams, but the teams that are good and play 4 quarters of strong football make it hard to come back in the 2nd half.

The Huskies need to shut down UCLA’s run game. It’s surprising due to the strength of their QB Brett Hundley, but UCLA’s running game is 2nd in the PAC-12 while their passing offense is 8th. Good news for the Huskies is that they have the 3rd best rushing defense and 8th ranked passing defense. On paper Washington’s defense matches up well against their offense.

Cyler Miles and the rest of the offense need to come out strong and play mistake-free football. If the Huskies turn the ball over, a team like UCLA will capitalize on it and turn the game ugly very quick. With Shaq in the backfield it takes the pressure off of Miles and gives the Husky offense another dimension.

We’ll have to see if the dismissal of cornerback Marcus Peters will have any real affect on the game but that will be revealed tomorrow. In order to win, this has to be a team effort. The defense has been the real shining star for the Huskies this season and while that’s all well and good, the fans are waiting to see the offense have that spark and breakout.

The Huskies can slay this proverbial giant and in doing so they will show everyone that the Huskies are serious and came to play, and they aren’t leaving anytime soon.

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