UTSA Travels to Rice, Looking for a Win

After an ugly bashing two weeks ago and coming off its second bye week, UTSA will head to Rice University in Houston this weekend with hopes to break the chain of losses that have doomed the Roadrunners this season. The Rice Owls are 5 and 3 this season; whereas the Roadrunners are at a shocking 2 and 6.

The game, which kicks off at 11am, is televised on Fox Sports Networks (Fox Sports Southwest in San Antonio), and can be heard on the radio at Ticket 760AM, which will also have a pregame show starting at 9 am, and a postgame show.

With 36 seniors on board, UTSA wants to end the last month of football on as high a note as possible for these guys, most of which started in 2010, their practice season.

How do I see this game versus Rice turning out?? Gulp. …… It depends on which team shows up to play. If it’s the team that can’t protect the quarterback and can’t rush the ball, and can’t stop Rice, we might see ourselves with another shutout. If it’s the historically scrappy team with a chip on their shoulder wanting to prove themselves, we might see a victory. Honestly, it’s hard to stay optimistic.

It’s also hard to  fathom what’s going on inside the minds of the players. This supposed “bowl season”, and all players and some fans thought the Roadrunners would end up in a bowl game in their 1st eligible year. Unfortunately, it things seem to have seemed to imploded from within the coaches and players. The coaches of course want to recruit future players. Current players want to finish the season and play as a team, but also want to look out for themselves. Both sides have huge pressure to look good. No one knows what has happened for sure, but from the scoreboard and current season record, it is clear that stress of monumental proportions is going through the whole team. After six losses, separated by a win against FIU on October 11th, the stress, motivation and drive to win are bigger than ever, I’m sure.

I think reality has set in, especially for the seniors. Four games left. That’s all. Four. Leave a legacy. Leave some big shoes to fill. End as a victor; as a role model for the future of UTSA Football. The team HAS to get some ‘W’s on the board. If it requires a kum-ba-ya session around a campfire, tandem parachuting, and endless thumb war sessions, I don’t care. Just get it together, guys! Let’s see the fight inside of you come out this Saturday against Rice!

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