Alabama Cheats Death

I preface this post by saying:  I almost went to get my nails done yesterday.  In hindsight, I am very glad I did not.

Things got real in Death Valley last night.  It had already been a crazy football Saturday with Auburn getting beat by Texas A&M in a game that was filled with coaching errors, player errors and surprisingly good calls by the refs.  After that drama-packed loss, the Tide took the field to play the LSU Tigers for a night game in Baton Rouge.

If the previous games we had watched all day lacked a defense, that is certainly not what happened in this game.  Most of it was a defensive struggles with the first quarter ending with a meek 7-0 scoreboard in LSU’s favor.

In the second quarter, Alabama answered back and scored a touchdown to tie the game and then a field goal to take the lead 10-7 as the teams went in to the locker rooms for halftime.

The third quarter tied the game up as LSU scored another field goal.  Pretty boring right?  Well, then the 4th quarter rolled around and things got a little crazy.  Alabama has always been a 4th quarter team and yesterday was no different.  Almost the entire quarter went by scoreless but in the very last minute of the game, LSU scored another field goal and celebration took over on the LSU sidelines until…they kicked it off and instead of kicking it out of bounds.  Alabama got the run back- close enough for Alabama to kick another field goal with only 3 seconds left in the game for the tie!

The game went in to over time for a super intense square off between the teams and Alabama was able to capitalize and get a touchdown pass from Blake Sims to DeAndrew White, putting Bama back on top 20-13.  In the end, LSU could not answer back and Alabama won one of the closest games of the year!

Some fans will probably say it was too close for comfort, however there are so many things that surround this game there is no way we can even put ourselves in those players shoes.  Example:  Not only were they playing in Death Valley…at night…Derrick Henry posted on his Instagram:

Photo Nov 09, 11 36 32 AM

So not only were the guys worried about the game itself, there is always the fear of not getting out of Death Valley alive.

So what now?  The College Football Playoff Rankings are going to take a shuffle on Tuesday night!  I predict that Auburn will move down and Alabama and Oregon will move up.  The only two teams left that have no losses are Mississippi State and Florida State and Alabama plays Mississippi State next week.  For Alabama to stay in the play offs, they will have to win every game from now on.  That includes playing a ticked off Auburn team who will be out for revenge.

Roll Tide!

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