Alive and Well Offensively: Georgia Demolishes Kentucky on the Road

No. 20 Georgia(7-2, 5-2 SEC) executed their goal: Beat Kentucky ( 5-5, 2-5 SEC) and stay alive in the SEC. Georgia did more than just survive, they dominated in Lexington with a final score of 63-31.

Georgia turned the switch on at kick-off with a 90-yard return to set the tempo for the Dawgs.  Georgia attacked the offensive side of the ball; however the one negative takeaway might be the defense, something the Dawgs need to clean up moving forward. They simply cannot keep tolerating low effort on that side of the ball.

Here are the top takeaways on Georgia’s high-powered offense win over Kentucky:

  1. Nick Chubb is a BEAST: After a stellar offensive show out, Chubb is just 105 yards away from the 1,000-yard benchmark. Chubb has proven his worth from day one at Georgia. In the absence of Todd Gurley, Chubb has shouldered the work load of touches for the Dawgs. I can hear Larry Munson saying, “My God, a freshman!”
  1. Welcome back Sony Michel and Jonathan Rumph: Michel fell prey to a shoulder injury sidelining him since Sept. 27 against Tennessee. Michel regained his position in the Georgia backfield without missing a beat. Michel notched 16-touches for 84-yard. Rumph made his first appearance since last season.  Against Kentucky, he played and people took notice. Rumph displayed his athleticism, chalking up four-catches for 81- yards total and a jaw-dropping one-hander.
  1. Power Player: Isaiah McKenzie lit the fire under the Dawgs. McKenzie or the “Human Joystick” as he is as known, showed his offensive brilliance today. Georgia needed a strong start after a rough appearance down in Jacksonville against the GIsators. McKenzie set a school record taking kick-off ruturns in addition to taking a kick off and a punt to the house for touchdown. He’s a powerhouse freshman with a bright future.
  1. Way to Go, Hutson Mason: Count them, 4-touchdowns for Mason against the second-best pass defense! Meaning, Mason’s job should not have been that easy. Mason found his momentum with his passing game making 13 complete passes out of 16 attempts. The highlight for Mason? no interceptions and the ability to turn the game over to Brice Ramsey. Hats off to you, Mason.
  1. Where did you go, Defense? Effort lied on one side of the ball against Kentucky. Georgia spent more time running for the end zone than stopping the Kentucky offense for most of the game. Luckily, Georgia’s defense somewhat found their footing and limited Kentucky to just one touchdown in the second half. Georgia must hunker down if they are to compete against Nick Marshall and the War Eagle clan next week.
  1. What does this win mean? After dismantling the Wildcats, Georgia will move on to a home stand in Athens. The Dawgs will take on Auburn for a highly anticipated SEC battle. Georgia will also regain Todd Gurley and hopefully control of the SEC.








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