Opinion: LSU Shows Lack of Sportsmanship vs Alabama

Now that the Alabama vs LSU match up is over and everything has gone back to normal, as an Alabama fan, I can’t help but still have thoughts about a few things that happened during the Alabama vs LSU game on Saturday.

While the rest of us are back at work, taking care of kids or whatever it is we do on Mondays, some are left wondering how the players are feeling.  The most inevitable feelings are likely pride and relief that the game is over.  But besides the obvious, what else are they thinking about?

There was so much going on during the game, it was almost hard to keep up with all the action.  However, with a few good camera angles and some precisely tuned microphones, we were able to witness so much more than game play.  All of America got to see just how ugly the ugly side of LSU sportsmanship can be.

Let’s start with LSU’s Logan Stokes snatching down Reggie Ragland’s pants at the end of a play.  Yes, he pants him.  What is this!?  6th grade?

Watch that horror of a moment here.  It makes you wonder how bad Ragland wanted to turn around and punch him in the face but, he didn’t because that would be bad sportsmanship.

Not to be outdone, late in the 4th quarter after LSU’s Kendell Beckwith recovered a fumble by TJ Yeldon on the Alabama 6 yard line, Vadal Alexander received the unsportsmanlike conduct call for some pushing and shoving at the end of the play.  Les Miles said that it was possibly a personal foul, but not unsportsmanlike conduct.  I’m sorry Les, but in my humble opinion, your team struggled to show class and the right call was made.

To top off this whole unsportsmanlike disaster, at the end of the game, as LSU player ,Davon Godchaux, went down with an injury, you could hear THE FANS, chanting “F*ck You Saban.”

Wow, just wow.  I would like to think there were no young kids there but I’m sure there were.  Even as I wrote about Derrick Henry being so happy to be home “safe” in T-Town, we all know now just a taste of what the Bama guys had to go through on Saturday and it was way more than some tough football.


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