Reason for LSU to be Proud Despite Overtime Loss to the Crimson Tide

The game of the year went into overtime with the Tigers fighting tooth and nail until the very end. Unfortunately, Bama took the glory, once again. On the bright side,  Death Valley watched as one of this season’s best match-ups took place and Tigers fans have little to complain about.

Although I am more than proud to be a Tiger fan, even after a tough loss like that, I can still hear the smack talk coming from miles away, “LSU has no chance,” “The #15 team can’t knock down the #5 team,” etc, etc. But let me remind you that LSU made that game one hell of an uphill battle for Alabama every chance they got. From raising the score and taking the lead to evening it to remain a contender for the win, LSU fought. . .hard.

Amongst the pain that Tiger fans are left with for another year, comes gratitude for being able to utilize the pride in the hearts of those fresh Tiger faces which made the most anticipated game of the season such a struggle for Alabama. LSU has seen many dark days this fall and the week following losing to Bama will be no different. But it is certainly with great pride that the Bayou Bengals hold their heads up and prepare to take on the remainder of the season with little to no fear.

The media took special time to remind us that despite the rivalry, the two teams have nothing but respect for each other at the end of the day. Missing most, if not all, of the faces who helped turn the game into such an intense rivalry in 2007, the two teams still take on their opponents with great passion, integrity and fearlessness.

Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban took time before the game to give his condolences to LSU’s head coach Les Miles for the loss of his mother just a short time ago. Another thoughtful move on Bama’s behalf.

So yes, the pain is bad but not unbearable when you keep in mind that LSU the “not worthy of top 15 ranking” team made it so difficult for the “top 5” Bama boys to win this year.  And LSU is still working with mostly raw meat this season so that gives a taste of how powerful they’ll be in the upcoming seasons. This rivalry is anything but over boys.

As always, geaux Tigers and roll on home, tide.

Oh, before I forget, here’s a hype video made to get Tiger fans excited for the yearly Alabama vs LSU match-up. I saved it for today to boost your spirits, win or lose. Watch it and remember it wouldn’t be a rivalry if Alabama wasn’t a little scared of LSU.

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