22 Things We Learned From The NFL Week 10

1.The Saints are not back.

2. The Jets can win a game.

3. Mark Sanchez can play QB…and win.

4. Andy Dalton proved it’s possible to have a passer rating of 2. You read that right.

5. The Bears are worse than we thought.

6. Panthers too.

7. The Raiders are still as bad as we thought.

8. Dolphins aren’t as good as everyone thought.

9. Steelers too.

10. The worst possible injury bug bit the Arizona Cardinals; it’s called the horrible-bad-luck-there-goes-your-season mosquito.

11. The Jaguars are in a race with the Titans to see who can suck the worst in the AFC South; so far the Jaguars are winning (or losing, depends on how you look at it).

12. Brian Hoyer is the answer in Cleveland.

13. Seahawks might be back.

14. The ‘Stasch  is not the source of Kyle Orton’s QB power as previously thought.

15. Cutler needs to go back to QB school.

16. So does Andy Dalton.

17. And Eli Manning.

18. The Rams need a QB.

19. So do the Jets.

20. The Bucs learned that switching from one mediocre QB to another doesn’t win you games.

21. Jimmy Graham learned not to push a defender so blatantly or it will cost you a game winning TD.

22. Cam Newton learned he needs a better offensive line or he’ll be sacked 9 times in a game.

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