Former LSU Tiger Odell Beckham Jr. Makes a Name for Himself in the NFL.

As you know LSU sends more players to the NFL than almost any other team in college football. They also tend to thrive more often in the professional league than players from most other schools do.

It’s really just a science, if you think about it. LSU staff and coaches are top of the line as are the facilities available to the players. But it takes more than just the best stuff and people to make a player blossom. It takes an outrageous amount of heart, passion, drive, and physical ability.

I bring this up to preface the real topic at hand: an NFL great’s thoughts on a former Tiger. Just 4 days ago on November 10th an article was posted on informing readers of Odell Beckham Jr.’s (OBJ) stats the following week in the NFL. This is OBJ’s first year in the pros and the article plainly states “For the second week in a row, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. finished a game with over 100 yards receiving.” LSU fans are hardly surprised, after all, thats what we know OBJ to be good for. In fact, 100 seems kind of meaningless compared to the numbers we saw the young player put on the board for the Tigers. But alas, for an NFL rookie, 100 yards per game two weeks in a row…that’s dang good.

However, it isn’t just his yardage I want boast about Tiger fans, it’s the remarks NFL’s Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks had to say about the rookie. “Beckham is a great player,” Sherman stated after spending more than 20% of the game covering Beckham. Not only does the man we know best for his smack talk think that OBJ is “great”,  he went on to tell interviewers that the Giants take a lot of risks playing OBJ, but explained that Beckham’s pay off. “He was able to get one earlier, which was a great play by him,” Sherman said afterward,  explaining the Giants depended quite a bit on OBJ to take shots.

So while LSU is looking at their 7-3 record, shaking their head, former LSU players are rising to the top in the professional league, reminding many just what LSU produces, year after year.

That’s the skinny ya’ll. Keep coming back for more Tiger talk and check out gridirongirl,  Erica Anderson’s pro football articles,  which are always informative. . .and funny!

Keep on keepin on Tigers, loving purple is easy, but never forget to live geauxld.

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