Let’s Go Bowling! A Texas vs. OSU Preview

Hey, football freaks! Thanks for joining me here so we can have a quick chat about the upcoming Texas vs. Okie State match-up. I hope you’ve been basking all week in the glory of that West Virginia upset. Cedric Reed was named Athlon National Defensive Player of the Week, as well as grabbing the Big 12 POTW spotlight as well. And rightly so! The entire defensive squad stepped up and made sure the game stayed winnable for the ‘Horns.

Next up, Texas travels to Stillwater to face an unranked Oklahoma State team. The Cowboys sailed into this season ranked as high as number 15 in some polls. Their last three games were difficult losses, and it looks like their season is sliding into a less-than-stellar end. Texas, conversely, has won its last two games in convincing fashion and seems to be on the rise. As we come to the end of the season (can you believe it? I can’t! Fetch the smelling salts) both teams have five wins—one short of bowl eligibility. After Okie State, Texas will face TCU in its last game of the season. Let’s be realistic folks: a win against the Frogs would be quite a feat. Okie State faces Baylor, then in-state rival and the object of Katy Perry’s affections, Oklahoma. It’s fair to assume each team thinks the other is its best chance at a sixth win, and bowl eligibility.

This season, the Cowboys have struggled in much the same way that Texas has. The Cowboy’s first-year QB is Daxx Garman. I can’t even with that name. His history is interesting, in a soap opera kind of way. He lived in one school district in Oklahoma and tried to play football in another. When his ineligibility was discovered, the team was forced to forfeit  its entire season. The family moved to Southlake, Texas, but Daxxx was ineligible his senior year. It’s a shame, actually, because it seems he was caught up in other peoples’ machinations. Ultimately, Daxxxxxxxxx started his college career at Arizona before transferring to OSU, where he sat out for two seasons as a walk-on.

Recently, Daxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx spends quite a bit of his time on his back, on the turf, staring into the sky, because he gets sacked frequently. In other words, the OSU O-line isn’t playing up to their usual standards. Hmmmm. Wonder what may be different? (Hint: Joe Wickline. OSU is still kinda sore about that whole thing.) To be fair, Garman has a strong throwing arm and his deep ball is a legitimate threat. Paging Quandre the Giant!

The Cowboys also have a potent offensive weapon in Tyreek Hill. He’s an effective running back, and could cause the Texas defense some headaches. I’m counting on the defense making him irrelevant, just they did to the very threatening Kevin Smith.

The OSU defense has its bright spots, but does not present as an insurmountable obstacle. Emmanuel Ogbah, defensive end, has nine sacks, which is nothing to sneeze at. The Cowboys also have a quick linebacker with five sacks of his own, Josh Furman. Cornerback Kevin Peterson could cause trouble for Texas receivers. I’d like to forget the second half of the WVU game, as least as far as the offense goes. Texas’s offense played a well-orchestrated first half and left the field utterly in control. In the second half, they set themselves on fire, ran around aimlessly, and left early to grab some tacos. If that happens again this week, OSU’s defense will absolutely take advantage. Don’t think they weren’t poring over those game tapes, pointing out every weakness. And hoo boy, there were plenty.

The other factor for Saturday’s game is the weather. It, too, could be a character in this story. Forecasts earlier in the week were for snow showers or ice pellets at game time. However, that forecast has been revised (because of course it was) to a high of 45 degrees, with clouds and sun. The snow has moved over to Sunday, long after our ‘Horns will be back in Austin, with their IQs fully restored. So, bundle up boys, but don’t bother bringing your skis.

One person who might enjoy the cooler weather is our new hero, punter Michael Davidson. #35 swept into the game last week and pinned WVU deep, deep, deep in their own territory more than once. Davidson is a 6’4” Senior from Aberdeen, Scotland. Bonnie lad, your contributions are well-appreciated. Hope to see you on Saturday, but not very often. 45 degrees is a nice summer morning in Scotland, so he’ll be right at home. I kid, but not really. I was in Scotland in June many years ago, and I had to buy a coat because it was so cold. True story.

Back to business! Game time is 7:30 Eastern, and the game is in Stillwater at Boone Pickens Stadium. Let’s be honest: Boone Pickens sounds like a fried chicken restaurant. Oklahoma isn’t exactly where I’d choose to travel, but if it means putting burnt orange behinds in seats, you can make the sacrifice! Plus, after the game, you can scoot back across the Red River to more civilized territory and not have to overnight in The Land That Progress Forgot. The game will be broadcast on an actual TV station, FOX, so there is no excuse for not watching. I firmly believe that if you scream loudly enough from your couch, the vibrations pass through the TV and get broadcast to the players on the field, who are uplifted by your support. No, I haven’t had any wine. Why do you ask?

The Vegas line on this game has been a moving target. Right now, Okie State is favored by one point. I’m not buying it. Just think of those players crowd-surfing Coach Strong last weekend. They have the fever. BOWL FEVER.

‘Horns, you got this.

Hook ‘em!

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