One of the Secrets Behind Dak’s success

Dak Prescott does not seem be fazed by all this hype surrounding him right now, but fans have a hard time understanding his calmness? He’s DAK!! Dual-threat, Heisman-Hopeful DAK!

One of his secrets may be on his wrist. Have you ever noticed the bracelets that Dak wears? You know, the rubber ones? One of those bracelets was given to him to show support for Go Team Sherry.

I’ve been following Sherry Hartfield’s journey on her Facebook page as she battles stage 4 breast cancer, and that’s where I saw a picture of Sherry’s daughter, Meade, with Dak, Josh and Ben, donning Go Team Sherry bracelets. Go Team Sherry is close to my heart because Mrs. Hartfield was my 4th grade teacher at Spann Elementary in Jackson, Mississippi. She was one of my favorite teachers and one of her daughters, Cora Beth, became one of my close elementary school friends.

Cora Beth and her sister, Meade, both happen to be proud Mississippi State graduates and return to campus often for football games. Before the Auburn game, Meade had an opportunity to meet with Dak and they talked for some time about both Mothers’ battles with cancer. She gave one of the bright pink bracelets to him, which he graciously accepted and told her that he would pray for Sherry. What a touching moment.

He has been photographed multiple times with Sherry’s hot pink bracelet, and others, as he points to the Heavens after touchdowns. My belief and intuition is that Dak wears the bracelets during games to give him reassurance, confidence, calmness and focus. In a sense, playing for these causes, and every other family that has reached out to him and shared their story, along with everyone that has been around him in this time since his mother’s passing. Dak knows he has a whole State of support and he gives his support right back to everyone.

Dak on field

Find and like Go Team Sherry on Facebook, so you, too, can follow Sherry’s amazing journey (she’s doing very well, by the way)! While you’re there, take a peek at everyone who has been given bracelets.

Let’s turn the Tide tomorrow, and give ’em a big HAIL STATE!!

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