19 Things We Learned From The NFL Week 11

1. With the Jets on a bye we were spared watching them pretend to play football.

2. Same with the Jags.

3. JJ Watt isn’t human, he can seriously do everything.

4. Don’t mess with Gronk, ’cause he will throw down and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the dude is big.

5. Emmanuel Sanders might have forgotten how to play football after that hit. Ouch.

6. The Raiders are still as bad as we thought.

7. Eli Manning is worse than we thought. 5 interceptions? Dude you’re supposed to be throwing to the guys in blue.

8. The Rams are this years Giant Slayers.

9. Sherman isn’t as shutdown as he’d like everybody to think.

10. The Packers are showing everyone how good they are. Watch out NFC!

11. The Cardinals are the real deal and people need to stop trying to come up with excuses as to why they aren’t.

12. The Titans need new….everything.

13. The Panthers need a new…game plan.

14. The Cowboys need…an owner that will keep his nose out of the football side of things!!

15. LeGarrette Blount needs to learn when the appropriate time to leave the game is. By the way that’s after the game is over, not before.

16. RGIII needs to silence his critics with his play on the field, not his mouth.

17. The Saints need some nicer fans.

18. Fans need to slow their rolls and quit heckling players while they’re trying to work. You don’t do that at the bank do you? (I really hope you don’t)

19. The Steelers can’t decide if they’re going to be good or not. It’s on a week to week basis.

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