5 Reasons the Titans Love Zach Mettenberger

Monday night, 11/17/2014, was labeled the “Berger Bowl” as Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers took on Zach Mettenberger and the Titans. Fans tweeted “Who will be the ‘Berger King?” The amusement spread as Monday Night Football commenced. Despite a 3 point loss, I personally declare Zach Mettenberger the Berger King. And rightly so.

Here’s five reasons I think that the Titans are glad they chose Mettenberger:

1.His sense of style is unlike any other. While most players arrive in the traditional suit and tie, looking classed out, Mettenberger rocks a comfy beanie, throwback pullover jacket and his headphones to drown out the screaming fans as he enters the arena. The Titans aren’t known for their uniforms being the best in show, but they seem to appreciate the style flare of their new rookie QB.

2. He caught Whisenhunt’s eye right away. Whisenhunt had his eye on Zach for a while before the decision was made to draft him. Whisenhunt wasn’t the only one to notice Mettenberger’s deep pass on his first scrimmage play at rookie minicamp either! (Fun fact: Whisenhunt the “QB whisperer” also got Roethlisberger’s career started).

3. He may just be their answer to prayer.  I’m hardly the first writer/ football fan to notice that Zach Mettenberger as the answer to the Titan’s QB prayers. In fact, the Tennessee Titans blogger for isportsweb.com (a blog site I used to write about the New York Yankees for), Rickey Fuquay, even titled a blog post “Why Zach Mettenberger could be the Titans answer at QB”. Clearly Mettenberger has caught quite a few eyes during his time going pro.

4. Touchdown passes. Yep, Mettenberger used to need what I call “snuggle time” in the pocket. But with a professional line that builds a safe zone for him, Metteberger is able to throw more and worry less. Monday night, Mettenberger threw a couple of touchdown passes and completed 15 out of 24 throws for 263 yards. Our tigers QB is growing up!

5. He’s Exciting and Improving. lsu.247sports.com said it best; The “Titans are ‘more exciting’ with Mettenberger”. The article claims that Mettenberger recovered well from his first play pick 6. Mettenberger is improving at passing but still needs quite a bit of work on his movement and running. In the NFL, you cannot always count on your receivers, like Dexter McCluster who could not seem to hold onto the ball, which cost the Titans and Mettenberger a third touchdown.

So while the guy needs more work in a few areas, he is certainly putting on a “Mett-Show”. He’s got the hype the Titans need and the Tigers fans support backing him up every step of the way. If he can continue to improve and show the Titans why he was worth the draft pick they used to snatch him up, Mettenberger just may have a looong NFL road ahead of him.

Don’t forget the little people Mette. See ya on the field one day!

In the mean time Tigers fans, don’t forget about Turkey Day’s big match-up against Texas A&M. They may not have “Johnny Football” but they will still certainly put up a fight against the beat down Tigers if they get a chance. No mistakes allowed guys, LSU needs to finish the year with a regular season win!

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