Why Jameis Winston Won’t Make It In The NFL

Jameis Winston, Florida State’s quarterback, is a hot topic right now and whether you love him, hate him, or could care less you can’t escape his presence in the media.

Well let’s talk some more about him and discuss why he won’t make it in professional football because, unless he makes some huge changes, he won’t.

Jameis Winston is a 20-year-old football and baseball standout from Bessemer, Alabama. He was the youngest to ever win the Heisman Trophy last year at age 19 and he led the Seminoles to a national championship the same year. You’re probably thinking, great stats right? They sound great, until you include some additional “stats”.

Winston has been investigated for sexual assault, he has shoplifted, he got into a BB and pellet gun battle at an apartment house causing around $4,000 in damage, he jumped on a table and screamed a sexual expletive laced phrase, he’s also been investigated for accepting money for autographs, and finally Winston is being investigated for point shaving. Those are quite the “stats”.

While we have doubts that his playing style can lead to any real and lasting future in the NFL, it is his personal conduct and off the field antics that have many skeptical he’ll be able to make it in the NFL.

If you take him out of this protected college bubble he’s in, hand him a bunch of money, and give him fame, how do you think he’ll react? His pattern of behavior suggests that it’s going to be destructive and troubling. NFL teams won’t care how talented you are if you have constant off the field issues. No professional team wants that PR nightmare. Also, he can’t very well play football from a jail cell now can he? Which is exactly where he’s headed if he doesn’t make some real and lasting changes.

If Jameis Winston doesn’t take a good hard look in the mirror and change, then he won’t make it in the NFL no matter the conditioning and football drills he does. Hopefully for his sake though, he can change and succeed. Otherwise it’d be a waste of his talent.

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