LeGarrette Blount Returns to the Patriots

Former Oregon Duck running back, LeGarrette Blount, signed a two year contract with the New England Patriots on Thursday. Blount played with the Patriots last season and after the Patriots tried to sign him to a new contract this last offseason, Blount ended up with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers responded to Blount leaving the field early during Monday Night Football by releasing him on Tuesday. In case you missed Are You Kidding Me?!?, I talk all about Blount and his selfish, baby like behavior. Teammates don’t abandon each other, regardless of your playing time or lack thereof. Teammates are there to encourage and celebrate each other. Blount certainly proved, at least on Monday, that he’s not much a teammate.

As a Patriots fan, I was a bit concerned about the re-signing of Blount. I tend to be a bit of an idealist when it comes to football. I forget that the NFL is still a business and sometimes the decisions that are made are done with business in mind, not ideals.

While I was concerned, one fact still remains: Bill Belichick is still the coach of the Patriots. Belichick doesn’t take crap from his players. They know that if they do their job and do it right and try hard, they have the chance to go to the Super Bowl. The Pats are in contention every year. Another aspect of the signing of Blount that helped me settle down was that Belichick made no promises to Blount about his playing time and when asked about it, the Patriots coach had this to say:

“That will be up to him, just like everybody else,” Belichick said Friday morning. “When he gets an opportunity, [it’s] how much he can take advantage of it, how much he can be productive and what he can do with those opportunities [that] will determine how many more there are. It’s totally up to him.

“We’ve talked about that. He knows that’s the way it is, and he’s excited about it.” 

So while I was disappointed in Blount’s actions, I had to remind myself that these guys are human and will make mistakes. He was a productive back with the Patriots last year and with Ridley hurt, it’ll help the Pats’ running back corp.

Blount can add another dimension to a Patriots team that is really coming into its own. Relatively new starter, Jonas Gray is producing higher numbers every week and the receivers are really clicking with Brady, add in a power back like Blount and you have a Patriots team that is looking to be playing for the Lombardi Trophy come February 1st.

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