Bowl Bound, But First: TCU

Hello, ‘Horns fans! So, look at that: Texas is bowl eligible. Who woulda thunk it back when the nascent Texas team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the UCLA game? Or got skunked against K State? Which, let’s be honest, wasn’t that long ago. There is still work to be done, for sure but oh my, the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.

Gentle reader, this preview will be short and sweet and to the point. I’m leaving on a jet plane; however, I do know when I’ll be back again. After the Texas/TCU game, sadly. Yes, poor planning rears its ugly head once again, and I’ve scheduled a trip during football season. I will have to record the game and watch it once I get home. No spoilers, y’all!

The Horned Frogs roll into Austin to ruin everyone’s tryptophan coma on Thanksgiving Day. I hope it’s cold so those old TCU alum ladies can wear their purple fur coats. Always a highlight. So, recently, TCU took on basement dweller and perennial doormat, Kansas. And Kansas came within a hair of whipping up on those boys from Ft. Worth. I sure hope someone remembered to set the DVR in the Texas locker room so they can watch that film over and over and over and over. Forever and ever, amen to Darrel Royal, and onward to victory.

TCU comes in ranked #5. Last year, the Horned Frogs didn’t make a bowl game. This year, they’re staring at a berth in the college “playoffs.” Just an aside: the notion that this is an actual playoff is absurd. You have a bunch of dudes, and Condaleeza Rice, sitting around and deciding who’s worthy to play each other to claim some title that continues to be mythical. Institute an actual playoff system already! Moving on. . .

TCU is favored by 7.5 points. Considering the basketball-worthy scores they’ve put up all year, this is a pretty modest spread. Looks like someone is getting some well-deserved credit! (Psssst, it’s the Texas team, both sides of the ball.)

The TCU offense is credited with much of the team’s success this year. They run a spread offense. That means the QB usually operates out of “shotgun,” and up to five wide receivers are deployed. The offensive scheme literally spreads out across the field, meaning the defense also has to spread out. It’s tough to defend against the spread, but it can be done (*cough* Kansas *cough*). Goal for Texas’s defense: show the offense as many different looks as possible. Change up the game plan. Keep the TCU offense guessing. Step three: profit.

The TCU defense hasn’t had as much of the spotlight as their offense. However, the Texas offense can be rattled, and that will be their plan of attack. Swoopes & Co. have to come out loaded for bear. Start fast, start passionately, and never look back.

Can Texas pull off the upset? I sorta think so. Perhaps I’m looking through my orange-colored glasses. Had you asked me a few games ago whether Texas would go to a bowl, I would have fallen over from the laughing. Look at the team now. Bowl bound! Looking legit. Getting some national recognition, and more than a few quality recruits. Coach Strong is the real deal. Said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Texas fans, whether it comes with a victory or a defeat. The ‘Horns are heading to the Chico’s Bail Bonds Bowl, perhaps playing old nemesis Arkansas. Whatever the case, we are seeing real progress from a program in a tough rebuilding year. This season is winding down (WHAT!?) and I, for one, am awaiting the next season with great anticipation.

Hook ‘em!

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