MState Coach Mullen Adds Sideline Excitement During Vandy game

State limited Vanderbilt’s scoring ability to a big ol’ goose egg Saturday night, caging the Vanderbilt Commodores 51-0. Before the half, Dak Prescott ran for 3 touchdowns and ran for another, putting 37 points on the board. The poor Commodores didn’t really stand a chance the entire game. State significantly slowed down the game after the half but still easily managed to score 2 more touchdowns, making the final score 51-0.

This years’ College Football Playoff system has changed the entire season for every team so these 51 points look really good right now. The zero score from Vanderbilt makes it look even better.

To add a little excitement to game, Coach Mullen absolutely exploded on the referees after a very questionable call. The call was for pass interference against State. His staff had to literally pull him back by his jacket to keep him from getting spit in the ref’s face. His actions got State a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, and if you watch the video, you’ll see the sideline and the fans rally around him by cheering exuberantly. The call wouldn’t have made any sort of difference in the outcome of the game, but the question dares to be asked, why did he get so riled up?? Why did it matter?

The pass interference call was so questionable though, it did demand action, and State fans are glad Mullen stepped up to defend his team. Fans want to see this sort of action all the time–not just when the game depends on it.

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