UTSA: The “Are You Kidding Me Award” Goes to. . . Brian Price

During Monday’s media roundtable, Coach Coker addressed the horrible penalty by Brian Price.

I suspended Brian for next week. Did that yesterday,” Coach Coker said. “What I hate is Brian is a good kid. He lost it. He’s a good kid, but that’s unacceptable and we just can’t have that…Those are the things we can’t do in our program.”

The Defensive Tackle, #91, was ejected after he tossed a referree to the ground. The rest of the story is that he made a late hit and tossed a WKU player to the ground during a scuffle after the whistle was blown, causing a 15-yard penalty. He then immediately grabbed the referre and sent him to the ground as well (I personally think he was trying to get to another W. Kentucky player but the ref was in the way, unfortunately). But the show still didn’t stop there. After the ejection call, he was in disbelief at the judgement, stomping off the field, and sending out a hard kick of frustration. W. Kentucky fans sang him off the field with boos and “Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye!”

Brian Price– ARE YOU KDDING ME?!? Sheesh.

After an entire season of fans yelling at the TV screen in disbelief of the UTSA team’s fall from grace this season, does it even surprise anyone that this happened?!

Attached is the scoring summary, if you dare to look.

UTSA Scoring Summary

This season has been incredibly taxing on Coach Coker as well.

“From a coach’s standpoint, whenever it gets to me where it doesn’t bother me to not play well, or it doesn’t bother me to not represent ourselves well as far as our team’s concerned — that bothers me,” he said.

“What happened with Brian Price. That bothers me for him. That bothers me for our team, because that’s not what we represent — and when it gets to where that doesn’t bother me then I need to do something else.” Ouch. Saying something like that shows he’s in a pretty deep, dark place right now.

Let’s hope for some grace under pressure as the UTSA Seniors play the last game of the season on the 29th, against UNT.

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