Nick Saban on the Iron Bowl Win…and ‘The Look’

Oh what a night!  Today, after the nerves of every Auburn fan and Alabama fan in the state are completely shot, it’s the Alabama fans who will be getting their Iron Bowl T-Shirts and have another 364 days of bragging rights.

With a record breaking score of 55-44 (the highest combined score in Iron Bowl history), the Tide accepted the challenge from the Tigers and came back from a not so great first half of football to win strong in the second half.

Blake Sims got off to a very shaky start, having 3 interceptions.  But he went on to redeem himself in the second half and even ran in for one of his 4 touchdowns.  Most impressive player on offense was Amari Cooper and his ability to pull a pass out of the air when it seemed impossible.  For defense, Bama could not have pulled it off without Landon Collins, that guy is a beast!

There was no doubt that Auburn came to play ball and with players like Sammie Coats and D’haquille Williams, they let the world know that they are a team to be reckoned with!

I think Saban’s comments in the postgame are spot on.  He gave thanks to the fans for rallying his team and he believes it was the support of the fans that helped his team come back in the second half to win the game.

OR it could have been the look that he gave Kiffin, we aren’t really sure. 🙂  We all know that look, the one your Daddy gives you when your screwing up and you know you better get it right this time.  Yea, that one.


Now, Bama heads the SEC Championship in Atlanta to play Missouri!!!  Let the Tide Roll!

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