Is LSU Ready for The Draft this Spring?

The NFL Draft isn’t scheduled for another few months, but LSU isn’t one to sit back and let things happen. The Tigers and Coach Miles are already preparing for losses and it looks as if they’re looking at yet another deep hit.

As I’ve said before, LSU is one of the top schools the NFL recruits from, and the Tiger’s ability to put together a raggamuffin team of lost toys every season despite losing over 10 key players the previous Spring is a skill not every college program has.

Now I’m not taking away any of the respect or support that each and every Tiger deserves (heck look at how so many of the former Tigers in the NFL are doing….just great), but they are accustomed to redesigning year after year and winning despite the missing pieces.

So yes, LSU is looking at another hefty draft, and amidst the excitement of seeing his guys go pro, Les Miles is preparing to possibly lose a number of defensive golden nuggets including: Vadal Alexander, Jerald Hawkins, Danielle Hunter and Jalen Mills. All players we’ve seen keep LSU afloat through difficult games against Ole Miss, Alabama, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, etc.

Not only is the defense going to be looking a little thinner next fall if those guys choose to take their chances at going pro, the receiver line-up will also take a hit. Travin Dural, the top receiver this fall with 37 catches totaling up to 758 yards and 7 total touchdowns, is considering the next steps in his career and Coach is confident he will do well in the NFL.

A name we’ve never really discussed but should have a lot more, especially if he spreads his wings and flies away this Spring is Kwon Alexander. This leading tackler has one decision to make that will change his life, choose to stay with Miles a little longer or take a shot at the big time.

No one will argue that Lamin Barrow is phenomenal, but according to Coach Miles, Alexander is a better pro option than Barrow, that is, if he remains healthy *knock on wood*. Linemen face a number of dangerous situations that we do not always discuss or think about. Alexander may have the size but also has a higher possibility of seeing injury than many other positions.

Every Spring, the Tigers and their fan base watch as a large chunk of their starting roster makes that big move to risk it for the NFL biscuit, and this year is expected to be no different. Sure, the number of players leaving may be smaller but that’s only due to the number of players who have left recently, leaving LSU with a primarily rookie cast.

Whether it’s 1 or 30 players, LSU will need to band together and reform for the upcoming season if they want to take a whack at the playoffs next Winter. But hey, the Tigers have never been known for giving up a fight.

Who would you like to see stick around another season? Leave a comment and let me know! Also geaux check out the new craft and recipe posts available. Tailgating season may be coming to an end but it’s never too soon to prep for next year, am I right?

Geaux Tigers.

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