3 Keys to a Bama Win the SEC Championship

Tomorrow Alabama will be in Atlanta playing the Missouri Tigers for the SEC Championship.  Missouri is a 14.5 point underdog.  But you know what they say about the underdog…

1.  A Strong Defense:

One would think this would most likely be a low scoring game with each team’s defense towing most of the load.  However, after the Alabama/Auburn game last weekend where Bama won with a score of 55-44, it’s anyone’s guess.

2.  Anticipate the Trick Play:

Title games are just as big as rivalry games and anything can happen.  You can expect a wide variety of plays including trick plays if the score starts getting close.  Consider this the ‘big game’ for Missouri, playing the number one team for the SEC title.  Bumping off Bama in the SEC title is all anyone on that Missouri team can think about right now.

3.  Keep the QB Safe:

Bama fans everywhere hope that Blake Sims will not have his ‘on the road jitters’ and can settle down early in the game.  When on point, Blake Sims has had a great year and has led the Tide to this title game.  I can’t imagine he would give up at this point, he wants to keep winning.  It will be up to the O line to be strong and give him time to make plays.

Let’s Go Bama!!!  Roll Tide!

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