Christmas Ode to Marcus Mariota

Mariota, The Heisman Winner

You know Danny and Akili and Dennis and Kellen.
Jeremiah and Darron and Tony and Joey.

But do you recall?
The most famous Ducks QB of them all?

Marcus, Oregon’s Heisman winner,
Had a very shiny trophy (Like Matt Leinart)
And if you ever saw it,
You would even say it glows (Like Autzen Stadium).
All of the sports show pundits (Like Desmond Howard).
Used to doubt his skills
They never let our Marcus
Join in any Heisman games (Like Johnny Football)

Then one cold December eve,
The Heisman Trophy came to say,
Marcus with your heart so bright,
Won’t you take me home tonight?

Then, all the people loved him.
As they watched him shed some tears.
Marcus, Oregon’s Heisman winner,
You’ll go down in history.

Congratulations Marcus Mariota! Your talent, heart and grace is simply unmatched. Thank you for touching the green and yellow hearts of so many. May your journey continue to be blessed!

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