A Message to The Buccaneers

Dear Bucs,

There have been some rumors circulating (mostly from mock drafts) that with your first pick in the draft, you’re going to select to Jameis Winston.

First, if this is true I have to say: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!

That would be by far the dumbest draft decision you could make. I’m talking Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell dumb. We all know how that played out. Do you really want to be that team? Do you want to be the team that every year is profiled around draft time as making one of the dumbest decisions possible for your franchise? My guess is no, because I know you’re trying to build a successful program. You do have Lovie Smith as your coach and I believe he’s a solid leader for your team.

The next step for your organization is to get a solid quarterback to lead on and off the field. A quarterback sets the tone for the team. A good one can launch your team to untold heights. I would like to present exhibit A. . . Tom Brady. Do you really think Jameis Winston is going to set the right tone for the Bucs? Does he really possess the intangibles (the things you can’t teach) your team needs in a quarterback? Does he have talent? He sure does. But it takes more than talent to lead a team.

A quarterback needs to be able to put the team ahead of himself. He needs to be dedicated, have solid work ethics, integrity, heart, and the willingness to learn and grow. Those aren’t skills I’ve seen out of Winston in his career at Florida State. In fact, I’d say he’s proven he has the opposite of those things. He would be like poison to your team, slowly killing it until you had nothing left but your dreams and your what ifs.

So what’s the alternative? Someone who does possess those intangibles? Someone like Marcus Mariota from Oregon. I’m sure you’ve heard of the guy. If you don’t like his technique or think he’s pro ready, then coach him. This is a guy who is worth it.  He’s the type of guy who is willing to work and better his skills. He wouldn’t slowly kill your franchise. He wouldn’t leave you with dreams and what ifs. He’s the guy that could turn your dreams into reality.

So do yourself and the rest of Buccaneer fans a favor and don’t draft Winston.


A Concerned Individual

2 Comments on A Message to The Buccaneers

  1. Right on!! Any team would be brainless to draft a qb whose name isn’t Mariota.

  2. Absolutely correct analysis of Winston poison. BUT, for Mariotta’s sake let’s hope the doubters cloud the judgment of the front offices and let him fall in the draft to a better team and with an offensive line that can give Marcus some safe pocket time o he has a chance to survive the first few years!

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