49er Dilemma: Should Frank Gore Stay or Go?

I and everyone at gridirongirl are proud to announce we have a new writer joining our staff! Brett is going to be the new San Francisco 49er writer and we are really excited that she’s joining us. She’s a big football fan and sports in general. Until she gets her own page, her articles are going here. Have fun reading her first article and definitely keep your eyes peeled for more awesome content from Brett!

It was a warm November day and I wanted a new shirt. I searched high and low for something specific, something I traveled over 1,000 miles to spend my hard earned money on and I wanted it to be authentic.

Was the writing on the wall that fateful November day in 2014, when even in the 49ers new stadium souvenir store, my dream of owning a number 21 Frank “the Tank” Gore Jersey was shattered? Yes, yes it was. They weren’t sold out, they had stopped selling them. I think they were trying to tell me something.

I’m not a number seven bandwagon girl. I love a solid running back and Frank Gore is a solid running back. I’m glad I was able to watch him as a Niner last year and over the last 10 seasons, because mark my words he’ll be leaving the Niners for the 2015 season.

Frank Gore is the 29th player in the history of the NFL to reach the 10,000-yard rushing mark. His explosive and unrivaled break away ability to shake off defenders averages him 4 yards a carry. He’s in the ranks with Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Barry Sanders. Again, Gore’s solid, but he’s also on the wrong side of 30.

The Niners are going to be looking at 2014 rookie Carlos Hyde to take on Gore’s role. He’s got the ability and youth he just needs the mentoring, and who better to mentor him for the job than Gore, but come on, get real. Gore is not going to sit back and let someone ride his coat tails. He’s got work to do, babies to feed and an ego to stroke. He may be turning 32 this off-season, but look for Gore to go out with a bang. Rumors are surfacing that he may head to Buffalo. If that’s the case, I look pretty good in Blue, too.

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