Top 5 LSU results at the 2015 NFL Combine

LSU is in a unique situation this spring; they had to send away some of their best talent after a difficult season where they had several reasons for concern. And despite my personal dislike of the NFL combine I acknowledge it’s value to those who appreciate it. So in honor of the value that some see in the combine I have 5 results that have come from this year’s combine, specific to LSU.

1. As we already knew would happen La’El Collins has found popularity among many NFL teams including the New Orleans Saints, who are predicted to draft him with their 13th overall pick in this spring’s NFL draft. Reasons to love this news? La’El will stay in Louisiana and will likely still show his face around LSU, which will help acclimate incoming players and the younger boys on the team.

2. Defensive lineman Danielle Hunter’s 40 yard dash time was deemed the fastest among his position group at this year’s combine. Hunter ran a screaming 4.57 40 and this will increase his stock value in the NFL. Although the 40 yard is not required, as  displayed by running back Terrence Magee. He chose to opt out of the run in the combine. He’s decided, rather, to run his 40-yard dash in a more secluded and specific environment, rather than risking injury in what he seems to see as a dangerous environment.

3. Speaking of Magee, the fan favorite from this year’s LSU roster completed a 9 foot 7 inch broad jump, and powered through 22 reps with 225 pounds on the bar. Remember folks, I can hardly even bench press a bar and I consider myself to be pretty fit.

4. Running back Kenny Hilliard’s broad jump, 9 feet and 3 inches, impressed not only me, but many NFL scouts as well, and his 4.83 40 time isn’t necessarily the fastest, but is hardly a shabby display of his immense athleticism.

5. Danielle Hunter is certainly not alone when it comes to impressive 40 yard dash times in regards to LSU alumni, defensive back Jalen Collins ran a blazing fast (insert internet company joke here) 4.48 40.

The NFL combine is rarely a bust for LSU players, but this year is proving to be a phenomenal turn out for some underrated names on one of the best teams in the nation (yeah I know the rankings, they’re still #1 in my heart!).

So to all the NFL combine nay-sayers (like myself) look at these results! It may not serve a whole world of purpose to their careers, but it allows them to feel more certainty in their future and gives the NFL a quick view of what they’d be choosing if they select that player. LSU is certainly losing some gems in this year’s bunch, but as usual the tigers will bounce back and these alumni will thoroughly impress us in their rookie NFL seasons next fall.

Best of luck to you, tigers. Stay geauxld boys, stay geauxld.

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