Raise Your Hand if You’re Tired

Raise your hand if you’re tired of #Deflategate talk.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of getting notifications about rat commissioner Goodell and what he’s doing about Brady’s appeal.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of fans whose teams didn’t win the 49th Super Bowl commenting on #Deflategate.

Throw that hand up if you’re if you’re ready to see the Patriots prove why they’re #1 with or without Brady September 10th.

I raised my hand to all of the above. I am tired of it all. We Pats fans know the truth. You gentiles (not Pats fans) can call us delusional or cheaters or whatever lame nickname the media has come up, but we don’t care. At this point we just laugh it off. We commiserate on Twitter about all of it and then laugh, because we truly don’t care.

We’ve got the best QB in the league under center, who just won his 4th Super Bowl. We’ve got one of the best coaches in NFL history calling the shots. We’ve got an owner who lets that coach make football decisions, unlike some owners *cough* Cowboys *cough*.

None of the above changes if Brady’s suspension is upheld. All of it is still true if the Pats start the 2015 season 0-4. Remember last season how the Pats started 2-2 and got creamed by the Chiefs on Monday Night Football? Then they won the last    10 of their 12 games to go on and win the Super Bowl.

So yes, we Pats fans are tired.

We’re waiting patiently though, because if there is anything Patriots fans know its that you can never count the Patriots out. And this season is no different.

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  1. Sounds like you’re also tired of pesky things like morals, ethics, and integrity polluting the purity of the game. The Pats are so good that they deserve to break the rules with impunity? Brady is so good that he should be able to destroy evidence without repercussions? Wow. I think we might be shedding light on why folks don’t much care for the Patriots, or their fans.

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