ESPN favors LSU football to Win SEC West

LSU has a long history in the SEC. Winning National Championships, SEC Championships, beating top ranked teams in the last seconds of the game, the Tigers are no strangers to being fan favorites more often than not. But this year it’s not just the fans who see LSU winning the SEC West, it’s ESPN too!

According to PPI, LSU has a 24% chance to beat out all their competitors for the title of SEC West Champions. Alabama came in at a close second with a 21% chance, Texas A&M and Ole Miss are not far behind with 19% and 18%. Arkansas has only a 10% shot while Auburn and Mississippi State fall short of the double digits coming in at 6% and 1%.

The Tigers finished last season with an 8-5 record and a 4-4 record in the SEC. They received 10 first place votes in the West and received a total of nine votes for conference champion according to after wrapping up media days on July 19th, 2015. The Advocate states that LSU was listed as expected to finish in 3rd place in the SEC West, but ESPN ranked LSU as finishing in first place on July 20th, one day after SEC Media days were completed.

Whichever ranking you choose to believe, LSU seems to be moving on up in the world after a couple years of shuffling around, looking defeated and disheveled. This year’s roster is full of brains, brawn, determination and who knows, maybe even the quarterback we’ve been looking for since Mettenberger was drafted to the Tennessee Titans?!

I know I’m looking forward to seeing where the Bayou Bengals wind up this year, are you?

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