Texas A&M’s Germain Ifedi Bad Mouths LSU’s Defense

LSU’s defensive coordinator, John Chavis, moved from LSU to Texas A&M this off season, leaving a trail of gasoline behind him. His move fueled the spirited rivalry between the two SEC teams, a rivalry nearly as big and notable as LSU and Alabama.
Every season since Texas A&M joined the SEC ranks, the teams have fought hard to outrank each other through big wins, recruiting competitions and fan intensity. It’s no question the teams give college football fans a great experience with every thing they do, but they will never applaud one another. After all, isn’t that what rivalry is for?
This Summer, a Texas A&M player found himself displeased with LSU, specifically their defense- the same defense that was ranked at the top of the SEC last fall. In fact, this particular A&M player believes LSU’s defense wouldn’t have gotten there by themselves and only obtained that high ranking because of Defensive Coordinator, Chavis. TAMU offensive tackle, Germain Ifedi, believes LSU’s defense is lacking in talent, and without Chavis they will take a mighty plunge this fall.
“They don’t have the greatest players in the world,” Ifedi claimed while also noting that with Chavis’ directions and help, the team pushed through to rank highly in the SEC’s defensive contest.
It’s not secret that Chavis is an outstanding Defensive Coordinator and maybe the move was motivated by money, or maybe the level of talented defensive players TAMU has this year led Chavis to trade the Tigers for the Aggies. Whichever it is, Chavis is gone but LSU is confident they wont need him to be great.

In other words, Chavis can have the 105th ranked TAMU defense, LSU has Coach Miles and some of the highest regarded recruits this summer. the Tigers will be just fine without him.

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