Who are LSU’s Celebrity Fans?

What do Lil Wayne, Dwayne “the Rock” and Andi Dorfman have in common?
Well their love of LSU football of course. That’s right, these three celebrities love LSU so much they have been on record rooting for the Bayou Bengals on more than one occasion.

Dwayne loves Ed Orgeron, LSU’s defensive line coach, because he played under him at Miami. The Rock is known for his massive muscles and passion for athleticism so it only makes sense that he has so much faith in LSU football. He sees the Tigers as a football powerhouse because he knows first hand what Coach Orgeron can do with a defensive line. What better endorsement is there than Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson?! None, I tell ya, none!

Andi Dorfman is infamous for walking out on Juan Pablo Galavis on the 18th season of The Bachelor and for being on the 10th season of Bachelorette. It is also well known that she graduated from LSU, so who else would she root for? She’s a jack of many trades having also served as a former Assistant District Attorney. Clearly Dorfman knows a good idea when she sees one, so rooting for her former classmates is a no-brainer.

Last, but not least, Lil Wayne. Yeah, you heard me. Lil Wayne, the rapper… young money, baby. He sees nothing but a bright future for LSU but particularly for Heisman candidate Leonard Fournette. Wayne said he is excited to watch Fournette this fall “by far, by far” and has even been on record for tweeting that Fournette is “the truth”. While Lil Wayne may not be the most tasteful descendant from New Orleans, but he has immense fame and a great deal of faithful fans. But when the man says “that kid is everything right now” about Leonard Fournette, and choose “SEC LSU Tigers” he is making a great choice and his fans take a look at one of the most powerful football dynasty’s in all the land.

Surely there are other celebrities who are biased and would choose LSU over any other team but these three are pretty notable players in the world of celebrity-ism…so LSU is lucky to have such a broad fan base covering every genre from gangster rappers, district attorneys, actors and more.

Geaux tigers!

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