That UW Boise State Awkward Ex Moment

Breaking up is never easy. Even if the split wasn’t fraught with yelling, name calling, and object throwing it still isn’t easy to break up; especially if it was a 7-year relationship.

Such is the case of Chris Petersen and Boise State. UW plays their season opener in Boise on Friday and the reunion has been described as “awkward and emotional”. Chris Petersen is the type of coach though that won’t let something like that affect how he prepares for the game.

It’s going to be a fun game to watch and as a fan I’m excited to learn who the starting QB(s) will be. Petersen has kept it a secret from the public and nobody will know (aside from the actual team) who the QBs are until game time. It sounds like the Huskies are going with a 2 QB system Friday night – possibly three.

I like the idea of a multiple QB system. I believe it gives the Huskies an advantage. It’s hard enough for a defense to adjust for one QB in a game, throw in 2 and you’re definitely keeping the defense on their toes.

There are some coaches who are better at making adjustments mid game than others. Fortunately, UW has an adjustment genius at head coach. So if the 2 or 3 QB system starts to deteriorate, I have faith Petersen can and will implement an alternate strategy that will work well for the Huskies.

I talk all day about how awesome a coach Petersen is (and he really really is), but the issue with that is that Boise State currently has 49 current players that were on the roster when Petersen coached there. These are guys that Petersen saw something special in and with what we’ve seen him accomplish it’s a little bit of a “worry”. In the end though, we just have to watch it play out on the field.

The dreaded question was asked about Smurf Turf and Boise’s plan to wear all blue uniforms against UW and whether that gives Boise State an advantage. Petersen replied,

“I think it’s overblown. I think it’s always the guys in the blue uniforms that created the problems. I think it looks a little bit different on TV”

What I want to know is, who thought it would be a problem? I’ve always thought Eastern Washington’s turf was harder to look at than Boise State’s. I mean, have you seen that red turf? It looks like a giant slaughter went down. Great teams don’t let turf or uniform color affect how they play the game.

The Idiot Polls have Boise State ranked 23rd and UW not ranked at all. I’ve expressed my opinion multiple times on how stupid these polls are, so I will spare you an additional rant. Winning in Boise would be sweet for a couple of reasons. One – winning on the road is always a good boost for the team and two – it would be considered an upset since UW isn’t ranked and Boise is, and who doesn’t like a good upset?

Huskies fans you can catch the game on ESPN on Friday September 4th at 7:15 PST. Go Huskies!

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