Photo Gallery: Vernon Adams’ First Game as a Duck

Photo Credit: Russ Long, gridirongirl

“I really love football, this is what I do,” Vernon Adams said following his first game as a duck. “This is what I know.”

After a solid performance last night against Eastern Washington, it’s safe to say he’s right. Despite an incredible amount of pressure and emotion surrounding his first start at Oregon, Vernon Adams showed poise and solid talent that should make all Oregon fans excited about what’s to come.

After just three weeks with the program, Adams led the Ducks against his former teammates and some of his closest friends. In doing so, he managed to throw for 246 yards and 2 touchdowns, completing 19 of 25 passes. On the ground, he carried the ball 14 times, racking up 94 yards. There were a few rough plays but overall, Adams showed why he has been tagged Oregon’s main man.

Adams, who has said playing at Oregon was a long-time dream thanked God for the opportunity and spoke about his first moments on the field with a smile.

“It was great going out there, the fans going crazy,” Adams said. “I had goosebumps. My heart was beating. I was like, man this is crazy, this is real life.”

A scary moment came in the fourth quarter when Adams, who was already down, was hit by a Eastern Washington defender, and seemed to briefly lie motionless before having to be helped off the field. Thankfully, Adams was taken to the locker room for evaluation and quickly returned to the field with a smile. After the game, Adams faced the Cameras for the first time as a Duck and confirmed he felt fine and intended to play next week against Michigan State.

“I’ll be out there,” Adams said. “I’m feeling good.”

For Oregon fans, this is very, very good news.

In case you missed it, here is a look at what Adams’ first night. . .

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