3 LSU players reunited in the NFL

We all know how well former LSU tiger Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ), (2011-2013), has been doing in the NFL, so it makes complete sense that we get excited with the news that he is about to be reunited with some very important former LSU players.

Who are those mysterious players you ask? Brad Wing, former LSU punter (2010-2012) who is a total ladies man with his Australian accent. Wing will serve as the replacement for veteran Giants player, Steve Weatherford. This trade from the Steelers to the Giants is huge for both Wing and the Big Apple’s team. With two of LSU’s greatest former players together on one NFL team, the Giants have just upped their chance at winning it all. The addition of Wing, however, isn’t the only good news.

Wide Receiver Rueben Randle, an LSU alum from 2009-2011, will also be with OBJ and Wing on the Giants. This will be Randle’s third year, OBJ’s 2nd, and Wing’s 1st year in New York. The former Tigers will be giving the Giants an edge-up against the competition this fall and hopefully in many seasons to come. Being ranked 21st on the Bleacher Report preseason rankings list isn’t the greatest placement for the Giants, but if these former Tigers know anything at all it’s how to climb the ladder and build success when and where they need it. That competitive determination has the potential to guide this NFL team back to the top, giving the former tigers more success and a better reason to play like they did at LSU.

Wing, OBJ, and Randle only played together for one season at LSU, but the chemistry was dynamic and New York Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin, is hoping to see more of those sparks between the three this fall. Adding Wing to the team in place of Weatherford will save the Giants a great deal of money, giving them some breathing room with their salary cap for 2015.

Having one LSU player is a bonus, but three? And three who played together in Death Valley to boot? That is a gold mine that hopefully Coughlin and the Giants can appreciate.

Good luck to the Giants this fall and better luck to those former tigers making waves in the NFL.

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