3 Takeaways from Georgia’s 51-14 Victory Over ULM

Georgia completed the drill against the University of Louisiana – Monroe on Saturday despite the multiple lightening delays. The Dawgs displayed three full quarters of action before head coaches called the game after the second lightening delay was called.

Before lightening plagued the skies, Georgia put on a show of what can be expected for the upcoming season. Now, the opener against ULM wasn’t anticipated to be a nail-biter or a knock-down-drag-out fight between the Warhawks and the Dawgs but a game plan for what can be expected from Georgia this season.

Here are a 3 takeaways from Saturday’s performance.

Lambert is the right man.

Greyson Lambert is the right man for the QB position. Although Georgia was able to give Brice Ramsey a few reps producing multiple completed passes and a touchdown, Lambert ran the game and the show for the Dawgs. Lambert was able to complete two-touchdown passes collecting 141- yards. For the former Virginia player, Lambert chose to wear a former Georgia QB’s jersey number of 11. Let’s hope the positive vibes of No. 11 stay with Lambert as he gears up for harsher opponents in the up coming weeks.

In addition, Lambert is maintaining Aaron Murray’s tradition of taking his offensive linemen out for ice cream for protecting him from being sacked.

Lots of Potential

Georgia fans saw the capability Lambert had as well as the potential in the entire UGA squad. Mark Richt played 19 freshmen in the match-up against ULM. The season opener provided serious opportunities for several freshman to show their abilities. Rico McGraw, Terry Goodwin, and D’Andre Walker are just a few names Georgia fans will be hearing this season.

Familiar Faces

Along with the fresh faces, the Bulldogs saw the likes of Nick Chubb, Malcolm Mitchell, Keith Marshall and Sony Michel grace Sanford with athleticism on Saturday. Chubb collected his 9th straight game with 100-plus yards. Marshall and Mitchell both returned to the game after a long, physical and mental recovery from a torn ACL. Marshall came out with explosive power and speed collecting two touchdowns for the Dawgs while Mitchell went above defender in the end-zone to pile it on.

Georgia defeated the ULM Warhawks 51-14 giving all the off-season a well- deserved  reward. The Dawgs will face stronger SEC teams in the upcoming weeks that will continue to challenge the new quarterback and coaching staff.


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