4 Reasons Why LSU Can Beat Mississippi State

  1. LSU has Leonard Fournette, a 2nd time Heisman hopeful with the strength and determination necessary to outsmart and out play any team, particularly one that he lost to last fall.
  2. LSU has been favored by a few ESPN analysts to win the SEC West and make their way into the playoffs this winter. By saying LSU has that shot they are saying LSU has the chance to beat most (if not all) of their opponents this year, Mississippi State included.
  3. LSU’s defense. Enough said. No, really. LSU has one of the most feared defenses in college football, and particularly amongst SEC teams. In order to destroy LSU you have to first destroy their defense, and not many teams have had the fortune to do so. This fall LSU’s defense is even more tough *on paper* and is predicted to overthrow offenses left and right.
  4. LSU is seeking revenge for the foul play Mississippi State had in Death Valley last September. Need a refresher? Geaux here to review the bitter taste the Bull dogs left after their victory at LSU.

Check out my video rant as well! As always I have faith in LSU, and there are rumors that LSU is favored to win, despite the fact that the game is on the road. After all, in the past 5 years LSU has won 4 games against M-State.

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