Georgia Ready for Revenge at Vandy

On the road No. 10 Georgia goes.

The Dawgs (1-0) will head up to Nashville to face Vanderbilt, their first SEC opponent of the year and the red and black faithful know the relationship between the Dawgs and Commodores is a heated one.  The last time Georgia made the trip to  Nashville,  they were plagued with two controversial targeting calls and several injuries. That will not be the case heading into this Saturday’s match up.

Georgia is coming from a strong start after a victory over ULM and will be heading into the smallest SEC venue hosting just under 40,000. The intimate setting — compared to the 93,000-plus in Athens– will likely become Nick Chubb, Malcolm Mitchell, Keith Marshall, Song Michel, and a healthy Isaiah McKenzie’s virtual playground and the rest of the Dawgs will also be ready to wreck havoc. Greyson Lambert will be leading the offensive again and will be working to improve and reaffirm that he is still the right man for the job.

With the ground work set, what is to be expected at Vanderbilt Stadium?

More balance between the passing and rushing game

Georgia dominated on the ground against the Warhawks. Georgia’s new offensive coordinator, Brain Schottenheimer, designed a heavy running game strategy to relieve pressure from the newly dubbed, starting quarterback- not to discredit Lambert’s abilities, but to use the power force that is Georgia’s running back arsenal.  With Blazevich and Mitchell in the line up, you can also expect to see a strong air attack. Georgia will want to be prepared for both scenarios going against a usually intense match. Schottenheimer will make the appropriate call when the time comes for the Dawgs but having the confidence to let the long ball go is crucial for long term success this season.

Tighter Defensive and Offensive Line Presence. 

With Lambert in the back field, his front 4 allowed the QB to remain upright. They were rewarded with ice cream, a sweet reward for protecting their own. However, during the Brice Ramsey series, there was a mishap on the line and Lambert went down. These thing are going to happen but the purpose of film tape and practice is to adjust and and correct potentially costly errors. Georgia’s defense also missed a tackle allowing ULM to breeze by, collecting seven. In all, look for the O-line and D-line to step their game up for the Dawgs against Vandy.

Red Jersies

Yes, I said red and no it’s not a home game. Vanderbilt will be debuting their “Deep Water” uniforms which are light in color.  In the past, Vanderbilt has worn black jerseys when playing Georgia, while the Dawgs wore white.  However, per Vanderbilt’s request, . The adjustment isn’t unlikely or unheard of, but the sight of the Dawgs in red is normally seen between the hedges. Let’s see if the Commodores don’t end up in deep water in their new gear.

Hungry Commodores   

Vandy will be coming in aggressively after their 2-point loss to Western Kentucky. No team wants to start their season off on a bad note and the Commodores will be looking to put that loss behind them. Georgia on the other hand will be coming in tasting that bitter 2013 defeat and will focus on replacing it with the taste of sweet victory.

Another fun fact? The Commodores roster hosts a number of Georgia high school players. With a strong recruiting class representing the state of Georgia, the Bulldogs will be looking to take down potential high school friends, rivals, or former teammates, making for Saturday’s SEC match one to watch!


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