Tough, Penalty-Filled Loss for the Roadrunners

UTSA was off and running Saturday morning, not leaving anything to the imagination as to whether or not they were capable of not only competing with, but beating Kansas State. QB Blake Bogenschutz came to the field and looks “poised”, collected and very focused.

If you remember last week, kicker Daniel Portillo had some bad luck, missing 2 field goals against Arizona. This week, however, he was the saving UTSA’s saving grace, putting the first 3 points on the board quickly in the 1st quarter; which turned out to be the ONLY points UTSA would see.

UTSA looked to be giving Kansas State a hard time at first but so many mistakes were made and feelings of defeat looked to take over the Roadrunners in the second half.

While UTSA’s offense kept Kansas State at bay, at some points, the Wildcats still managed to put points on the board. They simply played much better. Kansas State’s QB, Hubener, started his first game and shocked the ‘Runners with his talent and play-making abilities.

The point spread before the game had K-State winning by 17. (Cough cough) Done and then some.

keep in mind, Kansas State played South Dakota last week and blanked them with a score of 34-0. This week, the score was 30-3.

On a side note, let’s get in the minds of the players for a sec. Their psyche must get crushed when they’re down by so many points. They know they’ve made mistakes, had plenty of penalty yards and are losing a game they felt so confident about just an hour or 2 earlier. It seems really hard to keep energy late in the game, when you see the stands empty out, it gets quiet, and the “electricity” is gone. Sometimes the visiting team makes more noise than home team. It’s tough.

“There’s no way we can win playing like that, Coach Coker said after the game, “We didn’t make the plays we needed to make. You can’t win a game with that amount of penalties. Certainly the best team won today.”

It was very disappointing, especially being at home, and being the first home game of the season.

Shake it off though. It’s time to turn the page.

This week the Roadrunners travel to Oklahoma State and will be playing another very tough Big 12 team. Let’s hope for a W there.

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