15 Things We Learned From NFL Week 1

  1. This week has officially been dubbed Injurypalooza. I’m pretty sure the mob had hits out league wide.
  2. Adrian Peterson’s debut after a season off was very…underwhelming. 31 yards?!? I bet fantasy owners are livid!
  3. Mariota proved that coming in 2nd doesn’t always suck, especially when you can throw 4 TD passes and win your first NFL game 42-14 while also beating the guy who came in 1st.
  4. The Patriots are back and they are out to prove something.
  5. Manning is back and he’s out to prove that maybe he should have retired.
  6. The Browns proved to everyone why relying on a guy who calls himself Johnny Football is a bad idea.
  7. The Redskins are in turmoil and they need to figure out how to fix it. And fast.
  8. The Bills showed everyone that they can win even if their coach is Rex Ryan. Well until next week anyway.
  9. The Rams are tired of coming in dead last in the NFC West and they put the Seahawks on notice.
  10. The Cowboys should enjoy this costly win because with Bryant out, they might not see another one until he comes back.
  11. The Packers demonstrated once again how much of a media darling they are when they nabbed the top spot in the power rankings. They weren’t that impressive on Sunday.
  12. John Fox has the Bears looking better than they have in the past, let’s hope for Bears’ fans that the trend continues.
  13. Eli Manning has taken one too many shots to the head. He’s forgotten what the point of football is. I’ll let you in on the secret Eli: IT’S TO SCORE! Who tells their running back not to score?!! I don’t care if you’re looking at clock management or not!
  14. Alex Smith showed the 49ers again what a mistake it was to let him go.
  15. Odell Beckham Jr. may be seeing the beginnings of the Madden Cover Curse. He didn’t have any TDs and only had 44 yds.

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