4 Week Two Fantasy Football Tips


With all of the injuries in week 1 (and flat play), some fantasy owners are probably scrambling to claim players off waivers or frantically looking at their bench and wondering if they have enough talent sitting there to sustain a season. If it were my fantasy team, here are some things I’d do for week 2.

  1. Everybody is probably panicking about Peyton Manning. Well don’t. I joke about him retiring, but this fact still remains: He’s still Peyton Manning. Remember last year when the Chiefs blew out Tom Brady and the Pats on MNF and everybody said Brady was done? He came back and had a stellar season. If Manning were putting up that kind of performance in week 6, then I’d worry.
  2. Read #1 again and apply to Adrian Peterson. I know 31 rushing yards stinks and you probably could have played anybody else and gotten some points, but he’s still AP. He’s still the running back who was only 9 yards shy of the NFL single season rushing record. Give him a week or 2 and then reevaluate your RB slot.
  3. There were a lot of big name players that got injured in week 1. My advice is to comb through the lists and make sure your number 1 isn’t on there.
  4. Take a look at your opponent for the week and evaluate their defense. This will help you determine whether you should play the QB that’s a pocket passer or more of a mobile QB. If the defense has trouble with the pass defense then that will give you a clue on who to play for the week. Likewise with your defense.

Again, these tips are things that I would do. So if they backfire – don’t blame me. Good luck!

Fantasy Football

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