15 Things We Learned From NFL Week 2

  1. The Texans have a QB problem.
  2. The Cowboys have an injury problem.
  3. The Colts have an…everything problem.
  4. So do the Giants.
  5. The Jets punter forgot about leg day.
  6. The Patriots forgot how to finish teams off.
  7. The Eagles forgot how to football.
  8. Eli Manning still doesn’t know the meaning of clock management. I’ll give you another hint Eli – it’s not getting a delay of game penalty.
  9. Manziel proved he could actually win a game in the NFL. Let’s see if he can do it again…if he starts.
  10. The Bears proved that their once famed defense is no more.
  11. The Ravens proved they could lose to a team that won a whole 3 games last season.
  12. Manning proved that he’s not quite done in the NFL yet.
  13. Rex Ryan and the Bills should have spent more time practicing for the Patriots instead of talking about them.
  14. The Cardinals are picking up where they left off last year when Carson Palmer got hurt. Watch out NFC West!
  15. The media once again proved how fickle they are as they turned on their beloved Seahawks for going 0-2 so far this season.

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