Game Day Layers!

Well, it’s official! Fall has arrived and we all know what that means. . .layers, layers and more layers- especially when headed to the game!

“It’s hot. Now it’s cold. . .and it’s sprinkling. Oh! now it’s hot again.” Sound familiar? Chances are you’ve experienced a wide range of weather and temperatures all before halftime, especially if you live anywhere in the Northern part of the country. I can prove it…

This weekend, I’ll be covering the Oregon Duck game in Eugene, OR. Kick off is set for 5:30 which means I’ll be getting there around 3:30, when the temps are expected to be a bit over 70 degrees- take top weather for Oregonians. Over the next couple of hours, however, temps are expected to dip to just over 40 degrees-Northface Jacket and scarf weather… So what’s a girl (me) to do? The solution is simple: Lots of layers. . .and a tote bag of course.

For those who find yourself in your own little weather-related gameday wardrobe dilema this weekend, we’ve done the work and found some adorable looks to inspire your game day layering!



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