The Calm Before the Storm: Georgia vs. Southern University Preview

The University of Georgia is coming off an impressive victory over boarder rival, South Carolina, 52-20. So, who’s  next for the undefeated Dawgs? Southern University.

Here are a few things to know about the Dawgs’ next opponent:

  • This will be Southern University’s first meeting with the Dawgs.
  • Southern University is in Baton Rouge, LA and belongs to the Southwestern Athletic Conference.
  • You’ll want to watch out for Willie Quinn, SU’s kick returner and wide out. This guy can run. Watch out on kick returns,  he’s already taken two to the house for touchdowns.
  • Southern University’s mascot is the Jaguars

Hedged Between Two Major SEC Games

If you have never been to a Georgia game between the hedges, you are missing out on an special football experience.  When an non-conference team comes to town between major opponents, you have a chance to cross a item off your bucket list. This week however, Georgia and the Southern University Jaguars is heavy weighed to UGA’s favor. That being said, don’t be surprised to see the Jaguars give it everything they’ve got.

Georgia football players and Coach Richt have been fending off talk about Alabama since they rang the bell over the South Carolina victory. It’s hard not to look ahead to the Crimson Tide, but the oversight of Southern University could be costly for the Dawgs. Even with smaller, non-conference opponents, every game requires 60-minutes of dedicated effort by both teams.

Since 2012, when Georgia has played smaller, lower division schools, they have won by a minimum of three scores.  However, that hasn’t stop the opponent from giving the Dawgs a good scare before they hunker down and go to work. It’s very unlikely that Georgia will be upset this weekend, but the Bulldogs would be foolish to look at it that way. Fortunately, comments from players and coaches lend themselves to keeping their focus strictly on this weekend, then shifting into high gear for Alabama in October.

What to Expect

The non-conference match up should be a good break for the Bulldogs, but not to be taken lightly.

Expect to see:

  • A Switch up at quarterback later in the game.
  • A lot of Dawg freshman active in the game.
  • Oh! And an amazing half-time performance from The Human Jukebox, aka Southern University’s band.

“But They Don’t Even Know the Name of My Band”

The Jaguars of Southern University are a special team coming into Athens. When contracts were agreed upon, Southern and their band were requested in Athens. The Human Jukebox hails as one of the most renown in the HBCU community. Expect the band to be the main show in Athens as they will get nine minutes of field time during half time. The Red Coats are good, but hold your seats during half-time because fans are guaranteed a show.

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