Mississippi State’s defense will encounter a red-shirt freshman QB at Auburn

Mississippi State faces a tough challenge at Auburn.

This weekend’s match up is for the Bulldogs as they travel to Auburn to take on the Tigers for a night game at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Both teams are 0-1 in conference play this year, and NEITHER want to go 0-2. Dak and company most recently lost to LSU, with a final score of 19-21 while Auburn similarly lost to the LSU, but with a much tougher score to swallow (21-45).

“It’s either going to propel us or really set the tone of the season,” Prescott said, regarding the up coming match up. “I said LSU was going to do that, but we still have everything in front of us. This game, really does that.”

Dak is currently the most decorated, proven, experienced quarterback in the Southeastern Conference and he will serve as a major key to the game.

Another main key to success for the Bulldogs is to get started in the 1st quarter. They have to start making plays immediately! In the past, State has been a little slow to get in the groove and has given the other team chances to get ahead. With an historical powerhouse like Auburn, the Bulldogs just cant’t let them get those chances. Auburn announced this week that Sean White will be starting quarterback. (No, not the skateboarding/snowboarding phenom Shawn White.) Auburn’s Sean White is a red-shirt freshman that has never thrown a snap on the field during a college game. Perhaps this young blood of a QB will be the answer to Auburn’s running game, which was squat behind Jeremy Johnson who was benched after throwing 6 interceptions in 3 games and struggling to win against Jacksonville State (an FCS school). If you need a reminder, look no further than this clip.

Personally, I think Auburn has much more going on internally than just the quarterback issue. The defense didn’t want anything to do with LSU, and tackling Leonard Fournette and they are 13th in the conference on both offense and defense.

I think it’s clear that the Bulldogs have an advantage going in to this game with the mess at the Tigers’ quarterback position and their recent fall from glory. That being said,  the Dogs can’t get a false sense of hope. While State most recently beat Northwestern State , Auburn had a tough, embarrassing loss at LSU. Although winning is hard, losing is far worse– Especially to Auburn right now.

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