3 Touchy subjects for Leonard Fournette (video)

Heisman hopes, sitting out next fall, and legendary comparisons.

LSU has been making waves this fall with big wins and huge plays, mostly on behalf of their starting running back, Leonard Fournette. In the following video I touch on 3 touchy subjects for the star athlete, and give him some well-deserved praise. . .the guy is a legend in the making!
If you haven’t already locked him down for your 2017 Fantasy Football selection of running back, you are making a BIG mistake. That name will get scooped up faster than fresh cookies and milk, so write it down now!
Until then, watch this video and keep checking gridirongirl.org for more college and pro football news, fashion, food, and more! Anything to give our fans the best tools to succeed at rocking out on game day.
Geaux Fournette! #FournetteForHeisman.

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